Creek Locks Mobile Home Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the rent, and what is included?

Current rent is $ 395.00 per month plus a tax rent adjustment rate, which is dependent upon your homes assessed value. Rent includes: water and sanitary service, refuse pick up and use of the park’s common areas. A security deposit is required that would be equal to one months current rent. (Based upon acceptable credit history)

Q: What is the tax rent adjustment rate, why is it implemented and what is the cost?

Each manufactured home facility or park pays school and property taxes based on the value of the property and the value of each home in the park. Homes vary in assessed value due to size, age, attachments, condition and the quality of each home. Since each homeowner of a manufactured home can qualify for the STAR Exemption program in New York State, the local assessor’s office places and assessed value on each home and then reports that information to us. The park pays for all school and property taxes on the home, the home owner does not pay this directly. As explained in more detail in the rules and regulations of the park, the park’s base rent includes any homes assessed in value from $ 0 to $ 10,000.00. Any assessed value over $ 10,000.00, the park’s rent is adjusted by the current school and property tax rate multiplied by the homes assessed value above the $ 10,000.00.We then take that value and prorate it over 12 months and add it to the rent. Once we know the assessed value from the Town, we share this information with the Home Owner and provide the calculation of any added tax rent adjustment to the Home Owner in writing. This protects all Home Owners or Tenants in the park for us raising the rents unilaterally to all tenants to cover those certain people who place additions or buy larger or more expensive homes in the park. The majority of most homes in the park are currently under the $ 10,000.00 assessment rate. This way an older home in the park that is only 10x60 in size is not paying the same rate nor getting the same Star Exemption Tax Credit back as a brand new 30 x 60 double wide. They have the same park services, but differ in value thus the adjustment tax rent expense. Just like any other home, you pay school and property taxes based on the value of your home. Currently on brand new single wide homes, the average increase in monthly rent is around $95.00 per month, and on a double wide the rate is $ 150.00 per month.

Q: Are you saying that the used or new home I just brought is only worth half of what I paid for it?

No, not at all. The assessed value does not reflect current resale values of the home. We aggressively discuss the assessed values with the Town each year to keep the assessed values as low as we can, in order to provide these savings back to the Owner. If you think your home is assessed too high, you can go and petition the Town for them to review your assessed value.

Q: So I am actually paying more than $ 395.00 per month?

Not if your home has an assessed value of less than $ 10,000.00. And if it is valued more than $ 10,000.00, your STAR exemption can provide you with a rent deduction where you may be actually paying less than $395.00 per month.

Q: What is this Star Exemption I keep seeing in your answers, what is it, how do I get it, and do I qualify for it?

Any Home Owner who owns and lives in a home, including a manufactured home and that home is their primary residence can apply and qualify for a STAR exemption. You need to apply at the Town of Ulster Assessor’s office to fill out the applicable forms. Upon the Town notifying us of your STAR exemption credit, we will then prorate this balance of the tax year and notify you in writing on the monthly reduction in rent. Depending upon the assessed value of your home, this will affect the amount of the STAR exemption, the higher the assessed value, the greater the reduction. Please note, you do not automatically qualify for the STAR exemption, you must sign up and apply for it. Do not contact our office, since we do not carry the forms nor can we sign you up for this program. Each Home Owner must go and sign up and qualify on their own.

Q: If we do not pay more than $ 395.00 per month, do we still qualify for the STAR program?

Yes, all this means is that your assessed value is less than $ 10,000.00, and your reduction in rent may be less than those whose assessed value is greater.

Q: What if I don’t sign up for the STAR program?

A: Nothing happens; you will still pay rent at the base rate and any tax rate adjustment depending upon your assessment.

Q: What are the park’s restrictions?

A: There are several restrictions in regards to pets, vehicles, storage of non-licensed motorized equipment and a few other items, all which can be found in the rules and regulations of the park, which is posted on this website.

Q: What is the tenant responsible for?

A: Tenant is responsible for their own utilities (power, cable, phone, fuel, propane), to maintain their lot on a weekly bases and their own snow removal for their driveway and sidewalks. Further information can be found in the rules and regulations of the park that is posted on this website.

Q: Can I bring in a new home on my own?

A: Yes, as long as you follow the current codes of NYS and the Town of Ulster and lots are available. A prospective Tenant can buy an existing home, bring in a new home or order a new home through Creek Locks Mobile Home Park.

Q: Do we have to buy our utilities from any specific company?

A: No, Creek Locks MHP do not require any tenant to buy their utility services from any specific supplier or company. We do require that the tenant notifies each of their service providers to understand and abide by the park’s rules and regulations while on the park’s premises, since we do hold the Tenant accountable for the actions of their visitors.

Q: What if I do not want to maintain the yard and/or snow removal?

A: The tenant can obtain outside services for yard and driveway maintenance, though we require proof of insurance for those outside service providers.